Patent RU 2670324 C2 Description of the invention to the patent.

Patent RU2670324 C2 Description of the invention to the patent.(54) PACKING FOR dry AND LIQUID PRODUCTS WITH the INNER CONTAINER AND the OUTER PACKAGE WITH a DISCONTINUOUS THREAD(57) Abstract:provided packaging, such a stick-pack, but the addition of transverse tensile thread and the inner container with the product. To open the package, it is necessary to circle the breaking thread around the package with some force necessary to break the heat-sealable base of the outer package, and remove the top of the package. The opened upper part of the container has sterility sufficient for direct reception of the contents of the container into the human oral cavity.The field of technology to which the inventions of sugar, confectionery and food industry, medicine.Currently there is a stick-packaging, which is not intended for direct intake of the product into the oral cavity of a person, as it does not provide the necessary hygiene, especially in catering conditions.Disclosure of the invention the essence of the invention is, that this package allows to ensure hygienic consumption of the contents directly into the oral cavity of a person. Packaging [Fig. 1] consists of the inner sterile container with the product and the external package.The outer package has a breaking thread, which divides the package into the upper (detachable) part and the lower part, in which the container with the product remains after the package breaks. After removal of the upper part of the package, a sterile product pipeline is formed in its place, which is used to transport the product to the human oral cavity. [Fig. 2]Implementation of the invention the inner container is made with the requirement of sterility for contact with human food.The inner container for bulk products is made of waxed paper rolled in the form of a tube in two layers and has sufficient rigidity so that after removing the upper part of the package, a sufficiently stable hole is formed for the free exit of the product.The inner container for liquid products is made of heat-welded material and has only a vertical seam. Tightness of the upper and lower part of the container is provided only by compression of the package walls.The container is retained in the lower parts of the package due to the friction against the walls of the package. The length of the container is less than the length of the package by twice the width of the transverse seams. The circumference of the container is such that it allows it to enter the package without effort in the empty state, but has some friction in the filled state.The outer package is made of heat-sealable material. It has one longitudinal and two transverse seams. At a distance of twenty millimeters from the upper transverse seam in the package is applied from the inside of the breaking thread. The breaking thread is applied until a vertical seam is formed and has a free end for hand gripping. The other end of the thread is fixed at the top of the package. Neither the bottom nor the top seams of the package do not capture the container, they only tightly close the ends of the container, so tearing the top of the package does not require significant effort.To differ from the usual stick packages, the lower part of the package is painted in different colors depending on the content. The upper part of the package is not painted.Brief description of drawings Fig. 1. Packaging before opening the package.The dashed line shows the position of the container in the package.Fig. 2. Packaging after opening the package.The upper part of the package was removed and a sterile product pipeline opened in its place.The formula of the invention is packing for bulk and liquid products consisting of an internal container and an external package with a breaking thread, different from the existing packaging in that it has a sterile product pipeline, which is the upper part of the inner container located under the upper part of the outer package, and opens after removing the upper part of the outer package.